Say goodbye to backroom developer black magic, geeky jargon and unaccountable hours and say hello to transparency and up-skilling yourself and your employees.

If you’re a hands on type of business, are confident with your computer and are keen to be the master of your own digital, then these workshops are ideal. These are learning and working sessions. One-on-one and hands on!

The following are workshops are currently available:

  • Build a Business Website from Scratch in WordPress, Squarespace or Shopify

Working together we will turn an empty space into a website. By joining me in this building process you will be clearer on how you website is structured, what holds it together and how to update it. If you’re a visual type of person then this is the workshop for you.

  • Renovate My Website

For those who have a love / hate relationship with their website. You remember how much you toiled to get you current website live, but after a few years its looking a little tired and it needs a refresher. If you find yourself asking what could be done better? Should I think about mobile? SEO? Analytics? Email marketing? the this workshop will be perfect. In the workshop we’ll review your current site, its platform, the good, the not so good and then we build a plan to renovate it.

  • Enewsletters

In this workshop we look at building a customer database, adding email sign-up into your website and crafting a brand effective eNewsletter. We also look at strategies for ongoing newsletter delivery and techniques for growing your database. We also cover comprehending and using the analytical data generated from the delivery.

  • SEO

In this workshop we look at your website from a search perspective. We’ll review  your website looking at the weakness and opportunities. We’ll talk about keyword strategy and I’ll show you tools to help you manage some of the basic SEO factors of your website.

  • Google Analytics Basics

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful, free analytics tool. This workshop is great for anyone keen to understand more about their website and the users who visit it via the analytically data captured by the tool. If required we will install GA onto your website prior to the session so that we can work with your live, active data.

To discuss any of these workshops, call us up on 0417948255 or use the email machine.