A Website Manager – Essential for Digital Media Success in 2015

Upon launching a new website or jumping all guns blazing into social media, many business owners simply underestimate the enormity and ongoing nature of the management and maintenance of that website and digital media.

Website Management

Who is responsible for your businesses digital media?

The construction of a new website can be all encompassing. Web developers, with a focus on getting the task completed, often fail to enforce to the customer the ongoing commitment that this new business tool requires. To use an analogy, its like putting all the focus on the Wedding Day and none on the Marriage.

Running a website requires responsible over the long term. Responsibility for its upkeep, promotion, content,  relevance and its accuracy. Big or small, every website requires Website Management. That Website Manager may be someone in house, an external resource or a combination of both. But businesses who charge someone or a team of people, with the responsibility of managing the digital media generally reap the rewards of successful digital media and the ROI that it can bring.

Website Managers can operate from virtually anywhere in the world however, I prefer to have direct contact with my clients. Therefore I provide Website Management Services to business that are located in Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula, Ballarat, Werribee and the Great Ocean Road.

If you want to chat to me about Website or Digital Media Management, just give me a call on 0417 948255 or send me an email.