I could tell you I am all this and that, but don’t take my word for it! Here are just a few glowing comments from people I’ve worked with:


Kerri’s work in digital and social media is a true reflection of her passion for this medium. She has up-to-date knowledge of this fast evolving space and is able to translate her knowledge into her website with great ease. She doesn’t hesitate to share her knowledge with colleagues and is a fantastic team player.

She is innovative, professional with a strong business acumen, who brings lot of creativity to the workplace. I have worked with her and know her personally and in both arenas, found Kerri to be a valuable colleague and friend. I thoroughly recommend Kerri and wish her the very best in her career.

Nimmi Malhotra
Business Development Manager


Kerri was a motivated professional, with a keen eye for detail. She managed her relationship with me as a service provider very well, using clear communication, and was always constructive in developing solutions with us as a partner.

Stephen Brewer
Senior UX Consultant at Ensyst


Kerri was an ideal client to collaborate with. She’s diplomatic but candid, knowledgable but always willing to learn more, cognitive of mutually beneficial business relationships and most importantly – focused on getting the best results out of every engagement.
Chris Fiteni
Digital Marketing & eCommerce Manager at Meyer Cookware Australia