Digital Marketing Professional - GeelongAs a freelance digital professional based in Geelong, I help small to medium sized enterprises manage and improve their digital presence. I have particular experience with Wine, Tourism and Event clientele having worked with some leading Australian organisations in these fields.

Many of my clients simply don’t have or want the in-house resources to fully manage their digital marketing needs. As a freelancer, I am able to offer the opportunity to engage directly a highly capable digital marketing specialist.

I’ve spent a decade working as a Digital Producer, which is really just a fancy name for a digital all-rounder. I speak geek, know my SEO from my SEM. My HTML from my PHP and my usability from my accessibility. I also have a handy knack for translating tech talk into regular terms. I have a BA Internet Communications and plenty of my clients have nice things to say about my work.

You can check out my credentials on the LinkedIn or contact me to have a chat.