10 of My Favourite Online Tools

Being an effective Website and Digital Media Manager means calling upon a range of tools to help manage various components. Today, I thought I’d take you through just a few of the tools I regularly access.

Each of these tools takes varying degrees of learning to master, however they are all designed with the beginner -intermediate user in mind. A quick search on Google will provide you with plenty of online help and self learning tutorial videos should you be so a keen to take it a step further.


I’ve been using MailChimp for about a decade and whilst at times I have found it frustrating, the balance is a solid, cost-effective database and email management system. MailChimp allows segmentation and auto-responder set up. I have also found their US based support to be excellent.


Canva is a more recent addition to my toolbox, but I’m not quite sure how I ever lived without it. Some say that a graphic designer dies each time a new Canva account is opened. However, the increasing need for professional looking graphics for social media and website content means commissioning a designer for every little piece of artwork is neither viable or effective. Canva is even an Australian creation! Yep, enterprising Australian Melanie Perkins founded Canva, a simple-to-use online design platform in 2012 and its been going from strength to strength since then. Whilst I do love Canva, for branding and offline marketing material or special campaign pieces, I always look to use a professional graphic designer.

Google Analytics

To install Google Analytics on  your website is one thing, to know what to do with the endless amounts of data it canvasses for you is another. Google Analtyics provides more data than you’re ever likely to need, but its ability to help you make informed decisions about your digital strategy is priceless.

Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console)

Webmaster Tools help to monitor and maintain a website’s presence in Google Search results. It provides somewhat geeky data on the users website and assists in optimising the websites performance in the search results.


More and more of my clients are requesting me to create video media for their websites  and social media. Whilst I’m no professional Videographer, by using Camtasia I can adapt graphics and rudimentary video and massage it into something usable.

Awesome ScreenShot (Chrome App)

If I had a $1 for each time I’d use this application I’d be typing this from a remote island in the Pacific.


For a long while Tweetdeck had my love but they dropped the ball and now its all about Hootsuite. Mobile, Tablet or Desktop this is the best app for multiple client, multi channel social media management.


Getting your hands on the right content in the right topic is a task made all the easier with Feedly. I prefer the mobile version, but either way its a great tool for finding deep content.

Similar Web

A good spying tool to check out competitors website traffic. I find that its better used for business traffic websites, but still provides some useful data for smaller, less trafficed websites.

Keyword Tool

When it comes to SEO, numerous online tools get a workout. But the foundation of good SEO is quality keywords and I’ve found this Keyword tool the easiest to use with the most productive results. Many rave about Google Keyword tool as part of Adwords, however I find it too cumbersome for the simple task required of researching Keywords.


Have you used any of these? What are you go to online tools?